Haven’t updated in a while. This is some of the stuff I’ve been up to.

This is a video of me showing how they made the beat to Ariana Grande’s “The Way” featuring Mac Miller from start to finish.
I love the original song “Still not a player” by Big Pun, but I think they did it justice.

Original Song

“Still Not a Player” – Big Pun

I’ve been makin beats as usual.

I’ve also been trying to Remix some Korean/Kpop songs. The Studio Acapella’s are easy to find online, so it’s fun to take the vocals and create whatever music I come up with to go with it.

Other then that. I’ve just been cookin at Benihana.
Cooked for some Detroit Rappers from Team Eastside.

Eastside Dame
Icewear Vezzo

But I don’t really make trap beats like that. Maybe I should start lol.

Anyways, I will update frequently from this post on. I have 66,674 new posts to my website that are waiting for my approval and 99.99999999% of them are spam. If only that were real traffic lol.
No other news except for workin on new music and trying to network as much as possible.
You can contact me at:
I recently just revamped my resume and will be applying everywhere. I’ll update if I get a job that doesn’t involve garlic butter lol.

Thanks for reading/watching if you did.
Go Lions.

Check out my friends new work @

Alex Kaye/Autumn Wolf

Jin Wooh/J2 Productions


Sonny Chiba

First Post.

The first post was actually a default post from WordPress saying, “Hello World”. Thought it was stupid at first. But then actually decently appropriate…

I’m starting up this blog to create some buzz and/or find talent to make music for or with.

I’m a music major at Wayne State University and I work full time as a teppan chef at Benihana.

I grew up playing piano and got into makin beats and stuff with a free version of Fruity Loops 3 a long time ago.

Anyway. I feel like I’m introducing myself at a speed dating singles event so I’m gonna stop there…

I finally got this website up, which I’ve been trying to do for a while…I knew I wanted a website, but I’ve been busy with school and work. I also wanted to have a whole bunch of content, and not just audio. So while I’ve been tryin to get this site live, I’ve been making videos and just tryin to make use of all the free time I have.
I tried to make the logo up at the top VU meters in the shape of the Detroit skyline. You can see the Renaissance Center to the right and the Riverfront Towers to the left. Hopefully as I get this website flowing I can make it even better. Functionally or Aesthetically. Or both…

Which reminds me…
ROLAND VALENTINO for helping me with the website. Couldn’t have done it myself.

I’ll be coming out with a ton of music and videos hopefully soon. Maybe start performing around the area too…which I’ve thought about a lot, cause a bunch of my friends do, but the thing is I don’t really want to be on stage performing. I just wanna make the music that gets performed…

Which reminds me again…
If anyone reads this and wants to hear some badass music from my friends…
Check out.
Casio Choir
J2 Productions
Kyle Sherwood music
Topher Horn music

Picked this up over the weekend…

This was THE JAM back in the day! I remember blastin this on a Jock Jams cassette tape. If anyone gets a chance, check out the music video too.

It’s just them bustin a move in front of some crazy greenscreen animation. Pretty appropriate…Been tryin to think of a good way to sample the beat, or perhaps the vocals…

Also picked up these bad boys
They were on sale for 50 bucks so I had to. Don’t know if I’ll even wear em till the spring cause of how jacked up shoes get over Michigan winter.

That’s about it for now…Gonna be postin up more stuff hopefully worthy of attention in the very near future…

Current Song on REPEAT: